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Minimum price 650 €
per 1 square meter

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It’s easier to buy than not to buy

It's simple. We are even willing to pay for you.


We cannot afford to have you spending your time on extra trouble. Therefore, we will do everything possible to facilitate the acquisition of your apartment. You can make a purchase either Varna or in our offices in Moscow. If you want to see your apartment, we are ready to assist you in obtaining a visa, ticketing and reservations. In this case, the cost of your first trip is already included in the price of your apartment.


For you not to spend time on a mortgage loan in the Bulgarian bank, we ourselves have developed a credit program in which you can pay an initial fee of 25% of the price, get a three-year loan just under 8%.


We are also happy to offer you several options for furnishing your apartment, as well as ordering and installing your chosen furniture before your first arrival. The maintenance of your apartment is carried out by a professional management company, which is also responsible for a round-the-clock and year-round security of the complex. Other services include: permanent care of the buildings of the complex, maintaining cleanliness in the public areas of the complex of buildings and facilities. Year-round complex areas maintenance and a swimming pool and beach lifeguard; as well as care of your apartment in the winter are also part of the services offered to the residents.